Nov. 2, 2014
Reflection questions:
1.Can you keep it 100? Where is the yeast of Pharisees in your life? 
2.Are you free to do God’s will?
3.What small groups of accountability and influence do you allow yourself to engage in for growth, correction, healing and counsel?
4.Can you distinguish between the wisdom of scripture and Christian faith, and the human weakness of religious leaders? 
5.Which practices can you engage in to lose your costumes and reduce your contradictions?
 6.As we enter the holiday season, what will get in the way of you serving others?

Oct 19, 2014

Reflection questions:
1. How was the fire of Jesus led you & helped you in your past or present?
2. Where do you need the fire of Jesus to make an internal impact in your life?
3. What kind of external impact will you commit to unleashing the fire of Jesus?
4. How can you better tap into the fire of Jesus to sustain your mission, your call, your responsibilities?

Oct 5, 2014

Reflection Questions:
1. In our life journey, do we allow the fear of rejection to dominate or dictate our choices?
2. If Jesus was acquainted with rejection, and despised by people, how comfortable am I when I share in his experience?
3. How can I commit more powerfully to nonviolent interpersonal engagement? Do I need to check my fear, my greed, my anger?
4. Can I be open to “the new” that rejection often introduces? new people? new opportunities? new me?
5. What do I need to do to prepare for God to work marvelously in my places of rejection?

Sept 28, 20014

Reflection Questions:
1. Do I notice children? Observe them? Engage them in a healthy way?
2. Are there parts of my childhood experiences that I need healing from? Am I willing to take steps to let God enter those spaces
3.What characteristics of Children have I lost that I need to regain?

Act: be more mindful of children you already know. Listen and take the time to enjoy play or conversation with them. Pray for the Holy Spirit to change you and empower you to help change a small portion of this world as a result of this interaction



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